In January, Stan Phipps shared with us the dream God has placed in his heart for the community of Glenridge in 2019. Journey with us this year as we lean into Jesus, hear what He is saying, and aspire to walk out this dream.

I have a dream…

  1. Of a people where everybody is growing in God because day-by-day they love being with Jesus and  walking with Jesus, and as a result, they are becoming more like Him.

  2. Of a people whose love, purpose, and worth is ever-increasingly found in God.

  3. Of a people where everybody is not only a follower of Jesus, but someone who helps others follow Jesus as well.

  4. Of a people who are so dependant on Jesus that a prayerful life is indispensable to their walk with God.

  5. Of a church who loves to worship together and see the power of God touch, heal, and deliver people in that environment.

  6. Of a people where each person sees himself or herself as a leader and influencer.

  7. Of a people who do not see their walk with Jesus as being separate from their everyday life.

  8. Of a people who are passionate about seeing not-yet-believers put their trust in God.

  9. Of a people who are convinced that they are the church - not a place or a building - but a people.

  10. Of a people who think multi-generationally, where they would grow up before they grow old.

  11. Of a church that is a good place to grow up in and to grow old in - where the youth are not looked down on but are encouraged; where single people are not seen as second-rate but are able to live in the fullness of what God has for them; where old people are not “put out to pasture” but are used in their 60+ years to minister more than ever.

  12. Of a people who have faith for and expect to see the power of God manifest through their lives because they know and understand the reality of the Kingdom breaking in through the person of Jesus. 

  13. Of a people where everybody - men and women and children - participate in the works of Jesus, both personally and collectively.

  14. Of a people where the majority carries the minority.

  15. Of a people who have courageous faith...when God speaks, we obey.

  16. Of a church community where there is no need amongst us.

  17. Of a people who are outrageously generous and give away more than they spend on themselves.

  18. Of a people who believe God is bigger than the problems of this country and know God’s promises will prevail as we pray and live in hope.

  19. Of a people who are prophetic.

  20. Of a community that is so big-hearted and big-minded that nothing is beyond them.

  21. Of a church that serves and partners with the city to such a degree that the city would notice if they are not there. 

  22. Of a church who sees each other and relates to each other, not on the basis of the categories the world puts us in, but according to our created value and our oneness in Christ.

  23. Of a people who live for the benefit of others.

  24. Of a people who are hospitable.

  25. Of a church where the leaders are integrous and self-sacrificial, who lead and live for the benefit of others.

  26. Of a church who is rich in racial and cultural diversity and demonstrates that reality. 

  27. Of a church whose marriages are healthy and fruitful.

  28. Of a church with a strong family life, where whole families grow in God with the parents leading by example because they understand parenting is a discipleship process.

  29. Of a people who can sort out their differences according to Matthew 18.

  30. Of a people with a heart for the great commission, where the church would empty every five years because people are going to the nations.

  31. Of a community that models what it looks like for the rich and poor to bless and love one another.

  32. Of a community where its people can do business with one another.

  33. Of a community that bands together and builds together in good and tough times.

  34. Of a church who celebrates the successes of other churches and helps those who are in difficulty because we are convinced that unity among the churches in the city is key for what God wants to do.